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Digital Locker facility

Digital Locker facility is launched by the Government of India. It permits users to store scanned copied of their documents such as passports, PAN cards and driving licences.

  • The site is secured and allows users to access their documents using the cloud.
  • This initiative eliminates the need for people to carry the hard copies of the certificates issued by states, municipal agencies, and other bodies. Birth certificates, school and college leaving certificates, residence and marriage proof, and even PAN cards will be digitized.
  • Key components of DigiLocker

    Each resident’s DigiLocker account has the following sections:

    • Dashboard – This section is the first page you see when you login and shows a summary of all your documents.
    • Issued Documents – This section shows the URIs (links) of the documents or certificates issued to you by the Govt. department or other agencies participating in DigiLocker.
    • Uploaded Documents – This section shows all the documents which are uploaded by you. You can update the document type, eSign and share these uploaded documents.
    • Shared Documents – This sections shows the list of documents which you share with others (via email).
    • Activity – This section is a log of the activities you performed in you DigiLocker account. The log included the details about the activities such as file upload, download, eSign etc.
    • Issuers – This section lists the departments and agencies that are registered on DigiLocker as Issuers. If these departments have issued any document/certificate to you, it will appear in the form of a URI (link) in your Issued Documents section.

    How to Use

    For Residents

    • To login, one need to enter your mobile number on the login field.
    • A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the mobile number.
    • Enter the OTP in the required field followed by selecting a username & password. This will create your DigiLocker account.
    • After your DigiLocker account is successfully created, you can voluntarily provide your Aadhaar number (issued by UIDAI) to avail additional services.
    • On completion of the above, residents can view the URIs of e-Documents which have been uploaded into the Digital Locker by various issuers.
    • Resident can also upload e-documents in their Digital Locker and eSign them.
    • Residents can share private documents with requesters by sharing a link to the e-Document to the email address of the requester.
    • Once the above process is completed successfully, you can sign in to your Digital Locker account with Aadhaar OTP or entering Username & Passward or Sign in with Social Media accounts.

    For Issuers

    • An Issuer needs to register on Digital Locker System to get a unique Issuer ID.
    • Once an ID is assigned, Issuer can upload the documents in a standard XML format in the designated repository using repository service provider API.
    • Each document uploaded in there pository will have unique URI comprising of Issuer ID, Document Type and Document ID. The document URI will be pushed to the concerned resident’s Digital Locker based on his/her Aadhaar number.

    For Requesters

    • A Requester needs to first register with an access gateway to on board Digital Locker system.
    • A Requester can use document URIs (Uniform Resource Identifier) to securely retrieve the documents from the repository through an access gateway


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