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Sugamya Pustakalaya: The online library of accessible books in India

The Sugamya Pustakalaya is the aggregator of accessible versions of books available in India. This library has been created by DAISY Forum of India to provide access to books to persons with print disabilities. It is poised to become the largest collection of books in accessible formats in India and a one-stop resource for the reading requirements of all those persons who due to blindness, weak eyesight or any other disability cannot read the standard print.

Bookshare, the largest International online library for persons with print disabilities is also integrated into Sugamya Pustakalaya. All the titles available in Bookshare library for India can be searched and downloaded through the Sugamya Pustakalaya.

The Sugamya Pustakalaya is providing books primarily in DAISY, EPUB and BRF format. The files downloaded from this online library can be read on computers, mobile phones, tablets and dedicated eBook readers. It will soon implement DAISY online protocol for providing direct download to mobile apps and compatible DAISY hardware players.

The key stakeholders and beneficiaries of Sugamya Pustakalaya are:

  1. Persons with print disabilities: They get access to this library through any of the DAISY Forum of India member organization. These individuals are able to log into the website, search for accessible format versions of books created anywhere in the country and download it to start reading.Persons without print disabilities are not entitled to use the books downloaded from Sugamya Pustakalaya. Sharing or circulation of content downloaded from Sugamya Pustakalaya is prohibited and may lead to legal penalties.
  2. Organizations producing accessible content: These organizations are able to upload their books collection to the Sugamya Pustakalaya and thereby reach out to print disabled across the country. They also get a robust mechanism for storing their books and maintaining membership and book distribution data.
  3. Organizations serving the print impaired, Universities, schools and libraries: These organizations can take up DAISY Forum of India membership to be able to download books from the Sugamya Pustakalaya for their local members/students. They will be able to provide access to enormous amount of accessible material like never before.
  4. Publishers: Mainstream publishers can take up membership of DAISY Forum of India and can directly contribute accessible versions of their publications.

These stakeholders are given log in accounts on Sugamya Pustakalaya with different privileges. For example, the content producers can only upload books whereas the persons with print disabilities can only download books. The Sugamya Pustakalaya secretariat supervises the overall process and has the rights to register organizations and publishers.

Anyone can visit the Sugamya Pustakalaya website and checkout the collection of books. The user account details are required only when content is to be downloaded.


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