Big News! 58000 Women to Get Employment along with Rs. 4000 Per Month through this New Scheme

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Amid the coronavirus lockdown, the government is trying to lessen the plight of its citizen by providing them from ration to financial assistance. In Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Government has started a big initiative amid the crisis period to provide full employment through improving the rural banking system. Recently, the state government has introduced Sakhi Yojana to provide banking facilities in the rural areas which aim to provide employment to the rural women who are suffering the most amid the nationwide lockdown.

Moreover, it’s a great initiative from the state government amid the corona crisis which has shaken the rural economy. While providing full employment and fixed payment, this scheme also provides empowerment to rural women.

Govt to Provide Employment to 58,000 Women

The state government has started the ‘Banking Correspondent Sakhi scheme’ which decides to deploy banking correspondent who will provide every information related to the banking of people. In its first phase, about 58 thousand women will be provided employment under this scheme. As per reports, the bank will reach directly to your house and will provide every single information related to the scheme and the banking facilities run by the government. Along with this, the villagers can solve all the banking related work just sitting at home amid the nationwide lockdown.

Monthly Salary under Sakhi Scheme:

Under this scheme, the government will provide Rs. 4000 per month to every banking correspondent for the next 6 months. Along with this, the women will get a commission from the bank for doing transactions and will get a fixed income per month. The government assures fixed income to the rural women who want to engage with this scheme.

Main Objective of Sakhi Scheme 

The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance and fixed income amid this corona crisis and to maintain social distancing among the people. Through this scheme, the women of the village will now be able to provide all the banking services to the rural people through digital malls and solve all the banking related problems along with digital money transactions. The government will provide 5 thousand rupees to every woman to buy digital devices and Bank Sakhi will also provide a substantial commission on the transaction.


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