Beware of fraudsters! UIDAI warns against Aadhaar card verification scam

Aadhaar Card News Update

There are several frauds that are related to Aadhaar cards. Fraudsters are looking to steal Aadhaar Card IDs to either extract money or to take advantage of so many services that can be availed on its basis. To stay safe, it is important to cross-check their Aadhaar card immediately and besides that, they should not accept any such card from anyone as identity proof without first verifying it.

In this regard, UIDAI took to Twitter to make people aware of it and tweeted an alert that everyone should follow. The tweet read, “#BewareOfFraudsters Any Aadhaar is verifiable online/offline. To verify offline, scan the QR code on #Aadhaar. To verify online, enter the 12-digit Aadhaar on the link:” For those who want to do it via an application, there is another option available. UIDAI tweet said, “You can also do it using the #mAadhaar app.”

Besides that, UIDAI also said that if anyone is facing, then they should contact the telephone numbers that are revealed on the graphic. The legend on the graphic says “For any assistance/query: Call 1947 (Toll-free) or email at” Also, it has given the social media credentials so that people can be updated about the latest news on the issue.

On July 8, UIDAI through another tweet warned everyone about not accepting any Aadhaar card without cross-checking it first. The tweet read, “All 12-digit numbers are not Aadhaar. It is recommended that the Aadhaar should be verified before accepting it as identity proof.”

It further said, “Click: and verify it online in 2 simple steps.”

Here’s how to easily verify an Aadhaar card online from the comfort of your home:

1. Visit official UIDAI website –

2. Type in the 12-digit Aadhaar card number very carefully.

3. Type in the Captcha.

4. ‘Proceed to Verify’ option will open. Click on it

The Aadhaar card can then be authenticated by the system or rejected depending on its status.


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