Navratri 2021: 7 Energy-Boosting Drinks You Need On Your Navratri Menu

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It is that time of the year again when diet plans go for a toss and the country revels in the joy of the festival season. Navratri is one of the most important festivals in the country and food is an essential part of the rituals. While the devout fast during the nine auspicious days, a lot of thought also goes into the food that is prepared for the festivals. But with work and other commitments, making an elaborate meal every day can seem like quite the task. You also do not want to feel weak from fasting. What can you do? Make yourself some yummy energy-boosting drinks.

We have curated a list of seven such energy-boosting drinks to make this Navratri.

1. Dates Milkshake

This drink is perfect if you want to feel full for a longer duration. Dates are known to keep you feeling energetic, making this a perfect drink for tiring days.

2. Immunity Booster Juice

As the name suggests, this drink is perfect if you are feeling weak during the first few days of fasting.  With beetroot, carrot, lemon and apple, this drink is tasty and healthy.

3. Cucumber, Kale And Spinach Juice

It does not get healthier than this. The drink is filled with vitamins A, K, C as well as magnesium, calcium, copper, potassium. Want to spice it up a bit? Add a dash of ginger.

4. Badaam Ka Sharbat

The flavours of almonds, cardamoms and kewda come together in this drink to make a yummy sharbat that will make you feel energetic at once.

5. Banana And Honey Smoothie

Want a vrat-friendly meal in a glass? Try this smoothie. The drink is made using honey and banana with a dash of pumpkin seeds.

6. Kokum Sharbat

This drink can be made easily with store-bought kokum syrup and a dash of jeera added to bring an edge.  Else, you can quickly follow our recipe to make the sharbat from scratch.

7. Almond, Ginger and Custard Apple Smoothie

This smoothie is the perfect first meal for your day. Packed with the goodness of almonds and custard apple, the drink is elevated by the addition of ginger.








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