Aadhar Card Update: Check steps to get Blue Aadhar Card for your kids

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New Delhi : In India, Aadhaar Card has become a crucial document for availing of several services offered by state and private agencies – the reason why most parents are now making the document of their children as early as they can. However, the Aadhaar Card for children below the age of 5 is different from the normal ones. The document, called ‘Blue Aadhar Cards’, was introduced by the Indian government to make sure that parents of kids below five years of age can apply for the ID.

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) issues the 12-digit unique identification number – Aadhaar Card. The Blue Aadhar Card for children aged less than five also carries the 12-digit unique number. However, parents should note that the card becomes invalid once the child crosses the age of 5.

Moreover, there are several other differences between Aadhaar Card and Blue Aadhaar Card. For starters, Aadhar Card contains biometric details such as fingerprints and retina of the cardholder. On the other hand, the Blue Aaadhar card does not have these biometric details. However, once the child crosses the age of 5, he or she needs to update the biometric details with the UIDAI to get the Aadhaar Card.

Parents can use the Blue Aadhaar Card as a valid document proof for enrollment in schools, and other official purposes. Usually, the schools accept birth certificates as official ID proof for admissions.

How To Get Blue Aadhar Card?

Step 1: Parents of the child are required to visit their nearby Aadhar card enrollment centre along with the necessary documents such as address proof and birth certificate of the child.

Step 2: Fill out the application form for the Blue Aadhaar Card of their child and attach the documents, including their own Aadhaar information, along with it.

Step 3: Share the mobile number for the registration of Blue Aadhar Card for their child.

Step 4: A photo of the child will be clicked by the official at the enrollment centre.

Step 5: UIDAI officials verify the documents. Upon successful verification, parents will receive a text message on the shared mobile number.

Step 6: Baal Aadhar card will soon be issued within 60 days of verification.






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