Healthy Food Lifestyle To Make A Ring In 2022

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The ongoing Covid Pandemic has made healthy food lifestyle more crucial than ever and people cannot stop talking about it. The craze to eat healthy is not going to fade for a long time and it’s for good.

Plant based foods are growing with enormous speed and people are not only reading about it on internet. People are dedicated to include plant based food in their daily diets. During the pandemic supply chain infrastructure got disturbed and our shopping patterns changed with it. A lot more people are aware of word ‘sustainability’. This is why this year would be extremely different from last year.

Plants Are In Fashion

Plant based packaged foods have expanded a lot. According to a report by International Food Information Council, 65% of people have said that they have eaten plant based meat at least once. People have said that they feel physically good when they skip eating meat and meat products. They also feel that they are being sustainable if they are buying plant based food products and eating healthy food.

Upcycled Ingredients

There is growing consciousness in the market towards food wastage. There are companies that are taking leftover ingredients and using them in their products. It reduces the production cost and it also provides them an edge over their competitors. You must be wondering what can possibly be made of upcycled ingredients. There are snacks, cake mix, waffle mix, cookies in the market that have been manufactured using upcycled ingredients.

Bomb Mocktails

Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to compromise on your weekend parties. Brands have started making alcohol free spirits in the light of good health. Alcohol consumption can make you feel uneasy. Sobriety has become more popular because it lowers the risk of several chronic diseases.

Seeds Are Superfoods

Sunflower seeds, melon seeds, linseeds and sesame seeds are some of the most popular seeds and synonymous to healthy food. They are go0od for health as they are rich source of good fats, protein and fiber. They are also a quick snack option and they keep you filled for long time. Seed trail mixes have become popular and many small brands are emerging every day.






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