Use Reflectors Or Pay Fine Of Rs 10000

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Noida Traffic Police has made it mandatory for car users to use reflectors for safety on road. The action has been taken to prevent accidents during fog that is very prevalent during night time and early mornings.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Gautam Buddha Nagar Ganesh Prasad Saha has said that the department has pasted reflective tapes at DND Flyway Toll Plaza on Thursday.

He said that, “We have seen that sometimes, speeding vehicles hit the dividers at the toll plaza due to poor visibility. The reflective tapes improve visibility and safety for road users. We also pasted these tapes on the tractors, trucks and other vehicles.” H ehas asked car owners to paste reflective stickers on their vehicles failing to which can attract fine of Rs 10,000.

Reflective tapes are designed so that they can enhance visibility in low light and night. In foggy weather, backlights don’t work properly and reflectors alert the cars that are coming from same direction.

Raghvendra Kumar, the famous helmet man, has been volunteering with Noida Traffic Police. He said, “People must use reflective tapes on their vehicles and drive carefully. They should also wear safety gear while driving vehicles.”

He said that many a time vehicles facing breakdown stand on sides of road. In such foggy weather such parked vehicles are not visible causing accidents. He also said that traffic police should take action against people who park their cars on sides of road at night. It also causes accident in the city.

According to data available with the Gautam Buddha Nagar traffic police, 368 people were killed in 798 accidents in 2021 compared to 2020, when 380 people died in 740 accidents. In 2021, a total 504 people were injured in accidents while in 2020, 528 people were injured.






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