5 Myths About Diabetes Diet You Should Stop Believing To Control Blood Sugar Levels Effectively

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In simple words, diabetes diet means eating healthy at the right time, in the prescribed quantity. The main goal of the diet should be managing your blood sugar levels. At times it can be tough to determine what to eat and avoid when suffering from diabetes. Foods you eat, meal timings and portion size have a strong impact on your blood sugar levels. There are several myths around diabetes diet that can affect blood sugar levels. These can also unnecessarily make diabetics avoid some foods that they can safely eat in moderation. Recently, nutritionist Lovneet Batra also busted some myths about diabetes diet in an Instagram video. Here are all the common myths busted.

Diabetes diet: Common diabetes diet myths busted

Batra says, “Diabetes is so common, yet, there are still many misconceptions about its causes, treatments and how living with diabetes affects your everyday routine. Bust the myths, and you’re on your way to better management of the disease.”

1. Diabetics cannot eat carbs

It is commonly believed that people with diabetes cannot eat carbs. Batra reveals, “Carbs aren’t your enemy. It’s not the carb themselves, but the type of carb and the quantity of carb that you eat and the timing is important to consider for those with diabetes.” You can avoid foods high in carbs, especially refined ones like pasta, white bread, cereal and more.

2. Diabetics can have as much ‘fat’ as they want

Fats should be an important part of your diet but you should choose healthy fats. According to the nutritionist, eating a lot of foods high in saturated foods can increase unhealthy cholesterol levels and raise the risk of heart attack and stroke.

3. Opting for artificial sweeteners are a safer choice

The market is loaded with artificial sweeteners especially meant for diabetics. But the truth is- “Artificial sweeteners may worsen insulin resistance,” says Batra. She further elaborates that the label ‘sugar-free’ does not make it better and it may still contain a lot of unwanted ingredients including harmful chemicals.

4. If you are on medication, you can eat sweets

“Taking diabetes medication isn’t a ticket to eat the sweets you want,” Batra clarifies. It is important for diabetics to eat a nutrient-rich diet along with medication. This will help in controlling blood sugar levels as well as may help control the risk of complications linked with diabetes.

5. Fruits are bad for diabetics

Since fruits are loaded with natural sugar, people with diabetes believe that they cannot eat fruit. Whereas, fruits are loaded with essential nutrients and can be consumed safely in moderation. Also eat whole fruits instead of juices.

Don’t fall for these diabetes myths! Talk to your nutritionist or doctor if you have any concerns.








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