74 Lakh EPFO ​​Members will now be able to Apply for Final or Advance Payment

Finance Provident Fund

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has updated the Know Your Customer (KYC) information of its 73.58 lakh users between April and June. The Ministry of Labor and Employment gave this information on Monday. This will help these lakhs of EPFO ​​members to avail online services. According to the statement of the ministry, by updating the KYC information, members will be able to avail the services through the online portal of EPFO.’

They will be able to apply for their final payment or advance payment. Not only this, the Prime Minister will also be able to apply for withdrawal of the contribution released under the poor welfare scheme presented during the Corona crisis. The ministry said that in view of the circumstances of Corona, it has become important for people to have access to online services. Therefore, EPFO ​​has updated the KYC information of its 73.58 lakh members during April-June 2020.

This includes updating the Aadhaar number of 52.12 lakh people, information on commissioning universal account number of 17.48 lakh people, updating bank accounts of 17.87 lakh people. Not only this, it also includes improving the names of 9.73 lakh people, improving the date of birth of 4.18 lakh people and improving the Aadhaar number of 7.16 lakh people. Significantly, the total number of members of EPFO ​​is around six crores.


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