7th Pay Commission: These Central Govt Employees Receive Promotion, Their Salary Will Increase by Rs 15000 Per Month | Details Here


Not just the hike in dearness allowance, some Central government employees have also got promotion in this festive season. The formal request for the promotion was granted by the Centre, Jagran News Media reported. Notably, promotions have been given to the officers of Indian Railways.

As per the government order, these officers of the Indian Railways have been promoted under the 7th Pay Commission recommendations. With this promotion, they will move from entry pay of Rs 25350 to the level of entry pay of Rs 29500.

As per the government order, the promotion of the officers of Railway Board Secretariat Service (RBSS) / Railway Board Secretariat Stenographers Service (RBSSS) was due this year. These officers have been promoted to become Under Secretary/Dy. Director from Private Secretary Dy. Secretary/Jt. Director/Sr. Principal Private Secretary posts.

Speaking to Jagran.com, HS Tiwari, former president of AG Office Brotherhood, said with the promotion, the salary will increase by around Rs 15,000 per month.

The entry basic pay in this level is Rs 67700 per month to Rs 78800 per month. Along with this, there will be an increase in Dearness Allowance, Transport Allowance, House Rent Allowance and other allowances.

HS Tiwari said that the salary bracket will come under Pay Band III which is as per the 7th Pay Matrix. The Personnel Department of the Central Government has issued the promotion order after taking approval from the President of India.


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