Aadhaar Card Fee Reduce: Good news! UIDAI reduced the verification fee for Aadhaar generation from Rs 20 to Rs 3, know details

Aadhaar Card News Update

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has reduced the amount for Aadhaar verification for customers from Rs 20 to Rs 3. The objective of this initiative is to ensure that the units take advantage of its infrastructural facilities to make the lives of the people easier through various services and benefits.

Addressing the Global Fintech Fest organized by NPCI-IAMAI, UIDAI CEO Saurabh Garg said that there is immense potential to leverage Aadhaar in the fintech sector.

Better use of digital infrastructure
he said, “We have reduced the rate per verification from Rs 20 to Rs 3. It aims to ensure that various agencies and institutions can make better use of the digital infrastructure created by the government. It is necessary to use these infrastructure to make people’s life easier with dignity.” So far 99 crore e-KYC (Know Your Customer) system has been used.

Aadhar card is real or fake
UIDAI has issued a special alert for its customers. UIDAI has said that all the 12 digit numbers are not the original numbers of the Aadhar card. Nowadays Aadhar card has become an essential document for every work. Along with this, duplication and tampering in Aadhaar is also increasing. To avoid this fraud, UIDAI has issued a warning. UIDAI has said that the identity of the card holder must be verified before accepting the Aadhar card as a proof of identity.

UIDAI gave information
While sharing the information on social Twitter, UIDAI has written that not all 12 digit numbers are Aadhaar. UIDAI has said that whether the person’s Aadhaar card number is correct or not, it can be verified on the UIDAI website. Apart from this, verification can be done through the mAadhaar app.

How to verify

It is worth noting that the verification of Aadhar Card (Aadhaar Card Latest Update) can be done online and offline. For this, users will have to login on the link resident.uidai.gov.in/verify. After that 12 digit Aadhaar number will have to be written here. After that after filling the security code and captcha, you have to click on Proceed To Verify. After clicking, the verification of 12 digit number will be displayed on the screen. This is your original Aadhaar number.


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