Beware! Be careful of fake messages & whatsapp calls from State Bank of India


State Bank of India (SBI) has alerted its customers about a possible scam. The bank has warned its account holders about suspicious WhatsApp calls and messages that might trick them to share their banking details. In a tweet, the Bank states, “Customers are now being targeted on WhatsApp. Don’t let cyber criminals fool you! Please be aware and stay vigilant.”

With the rise in digital payments, the online banking frauds have also increased. Now, cyber criminals are approaching customers via WhatsApp calls and messages, country’s top lender has informed bank customers.

Here is how the new scam tries to trap the users:

1) Informing customers about winning lottery and asking them to contact an SBI number.

2) Please be aware that SBI never calls or asks for personal or account specific information through Email/SMS/Call/WhatsApp Calls.

3) There is no lottery scheme or lucky customer gift offers going on-please stay safe and think before you fall into any such traps.

4) Cyber criminals are waiting for just one mistake – please do not trust such fake callers of forwarded messages.

5) Please share this message with people to save them from any such frauds.

As per SBI, if any fraud takes place due to bank’s fault then the customer will get full compensation, but in case the loss is due to the customer’s negligence, he/she will not get the refund.

Few days back, SBI had apprised its customers about a possible scam in which some fraudsters are sending emails that look similar to their official email. “Our customers are receiving fake alert e-mails from non-existing entities in the name and style of SBI. Kindly refrain from clicking on such e-mails. We never ever send such mails,” SBI had tweeted.


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