Good News! Your electricity bill can be waived, Check how it can be done

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How electricity bill can be waived: There are many such electricity consumers, who have thousands or lakhs of electricity bills outstanding. Some of these consumers are such, whose financial condition is not good. They are not in a position to clear their outstanding electricity bills. This comes in the mind of such consumers that how can the electricity bill be waived? Here we are giving this information.

Almost all the state governments come up with the electricity bill waiver scheme. Under which the bills of eligible consumers are waived. But most of the consumers and farmers are not able to take advantage of it due to lack of knowledge about it. So here we are telling you step by step, how electricity bill can be waived? Please read this information carefully.

How to get electricity bill waived?

    1. To waive the electricity bill, first of all go to the website
    2. Once the website is opened, you will see the option of one time settlement plan on the screen. Select this option for bill waiver.
    3. After this, a new page will get the option to feed the account number to know the discount and payment amount received under the scheme.
    4. Here you have to first choose your region. For example – whether you are from rural area or urban.
    5. Now enter the account number of your meter in the prescribed box. Then select the View option.
    6. After submitting the account number, the details related to payment and bill waiver will open.
    7. Here in the screen, the information related to the consumer and the details of how much electricity bill can be waived will appear.
    8. The payable electricity bill shown here can be paid by the Electricity Office, Collection Center, Public Suvidha Kendra, Vidyut Sakhi or through online process.
    9. In this way, the electricity bill can be waived under the one-time settlement scheme.

Electricity bill waiver scheme is started by the government in different states. Under this scheme, the electricity bill of all the eligible consumers can be waived. Apart from this, there are other schemes, under which the electricity bill of the families of weaker income group is waived. You will also get this information from the nearest Electricity Corporation office.

There are also many such electricity consumers, who are unable to pay the electricity bill just because their electricity bill is high. They think that the electricity department deliberately sends them more bills. But in many cases it is not so. There can be many other reasons for this as well.







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