How to Update Your Aadhaar Number on Ration Card

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Aadhaar holders availing subsidised products through PDS or Public Distribution System can update their Aadhaar number on the ration card. The UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India, the issuer of Aadhaar number as well as Aadhaar card, has advised Aadhaar holders to update their UID or Unique Identity Number on their ration card. A ration card is a personal identification document issued to eligible families under government-run Public Distribution System, which ensures affordable prices for food grains. Operated jointly by central and state government, PDS works on a subsidised or “fair price” system.

How to update Aadhaar on ration card

To update Aadhaar information on a ration card, the UIDAI recommends ration card holders to submit a photocopy of their Aadhaar card along with a copy of ration card to a PDS shop. “They (PDS shop officials) may ask you to place a finger on a sensor to authenticate to check that you and your Aadhaar number are matched,” according to UIDAI’s website.

Aadhaar card holders can use the personal identification document to secure their “right to Ration and Old-Age Pension”, the Aadhaar-issuing body (UIDAI) said on microblogging site Twitter.
The Supreme Court ruled in March that Aadhaar number is not required to be linked mandatorily with a range of services, including PDS.

DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)

“Most of the schemes are seeking Aadhaar number to identify the beneficiaries to remove fakes and duplicates from their database…This will allow you to continue getting the benefits, subsidy or services without any restrictions,” the UIDAI explained on its portal.

“It is strongly recommended that you give them Aadhaar to assist them and yourself to get the benefits. If you do not have Aadhaar, you can always present your Enrolment ID No. (EID), or submit the request with service delivery database owner to get Enroled for Aadhaar with the stated ID documents,” the Aadhaar-issuing body added.
“Enjoy card-less pin-less banking on your Aadhaar-linked bank a/c. Use AePS on a MicroATM for basic banking services like cash withdrawal/ deposit, balance check, fund transfer etc. Locate nearest bank Mitr carrying a MicroATM.


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