Indian Govt Launches MyGov Corona Newsdesk Channel on Telegram: Here’s How to Join It

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Earlier this month, the Indian government launched a chatbot called MyGov Corona Helpdesk on WhatsApp in a bid to answer citizens’ queries about the coronavirus outbreak. Now, the government has taken to Telegram to educate and inform citizens about various facets of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country.

The Telegram channel called MyGov Corona NewsDesk was created on March 22 ahead of the Janta Curfew in the country. It contains everything from highlights from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech about the coronavirus outbreak to suggestions about awareness and prevention of the disease to FAQ about the virus outbreak among other things. You can also check the total number of Coronavirus cases across the country and the steps that the government is taking to combat it.

Unlike the WhatsApp channel wherein you can also ask questions about the pandemic, this channel allows you to check for information and share it with your family and friends. Simply said, you can respond or ask questions on the newly launched Telegram channel.

If you are already using Telegram, here’s how you can join MyGov Corona NewsDesk channel:

Step 1: Open the Telegram app.

Step 2: Type MyGov Corona NewsDesk in the Search bar.

Step 3: Tap on the MyGov Corona NewsDesk channel that comes with the verified symbol.

Step 4: Tap on Join at the bottom of the screen and you are good to go!

However, if you aren’t a Telegram user, you will first have to download the app and Sign in before joining the channel.


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