Mandatory to Link Your UAN Number with PF Account, Important for Claiming Money

Finance Provident Fund

In most households, people are now opening PF accounts so that they are secure their future. Whether it is small or big, everyone’s PF account can now be opened comfortably at all this time. The government has also implemented a number of schemes.

It is now being reported that the government is soon going to send the first instalment of interest to the PF account holders account. It is very important to have an account Updated for money to arrive at the right time in your account.

If it can be a documentation problem, remove them soon. Otherwise, if the money is not able to reach your account, today we tell you what are the shortcomings that you have to rectify.

Application be rejected on the wrong account

If you are availing pf (Provident Fund ( PF) and the improvements you are going to make for the changes that are taking place, the PF money will be credited to the account only if the account number is recorded in the records of EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation ( EPFO). If the account number is wrong or you have entered the second account number in the claim, your application will be rejected. You will not be able to get money.

Must be KYC update (KYC update required)

The KYC of your account will be completed only if you receive the money of PF (Provident Fund – PF). Your application may be cancelled even if it is not verify. So to check this, you can login to your PF member e-Seva Account and see the detail.

Link must be linked to UAN from UAN

It is very important to have linked the account to universal account number – UAN for claim on PF (Provident Fund – PF) money. The IFSC (Indian Financial System Code-IFSC) number recorded in the records of EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation – EPFO) should also be recorded correctly. Only then will the money come into your account.

Do not fill in the wrong date of birth

Let’s say that even if the date of birth in your Documents does not match the date of birth recorded in EPFO, the employer’s Application May cancel. So, under the rule of linking UAN (Universal account number – UAN) with Aadhaar (Aadhar), you should soon improve it. This will remove the problem.


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