Now Everyone will get E-Passport, Preparing to Issue 10,000 Passports Every Hour

GOVT.NEWS Passport

Fake passports will not be able to be made with electronic microprocessor chip e-passports and the immigration process will also be speeded up.

The government will issue e-passports fitted with electronic microprocessor chips from next year. The government has issued 20,000 e-passports for its officers and diplomats. Now she will issue e-passport for every Indian citizen applying for passport from next year.

Freedom from fake passport problem

According to an Economic Times news, the government is going to elect an IT infrastructure company making such passports. With electronic microprocessor chip, e-passports will not be able to create fake passports and the process of immigration will also be accelerated. The agency selected by the government will create a special unit for this work, which can be processing every hour to make ten to twenty thousand personalized e-passports. These IT units will be set up in Delhi and Chennai.

Ten thousand e-passports will be issued every hour

The National Informatics Center will work closely with the Ministry of External Affairs in this regard. The National Informatics Center has asked the Ministry of External Affairs to select an IT infrastructure and solution agency to speed up the process of creating e-passports. All the e-passports issued so far are CPV Division of the Ministry of External Affairs headquarters. Issued from. Most are for government officials and diplomats. Now all 36 passport offices in the country will be able to issue e-passports.

Currently, preparations are being made to issue 10,000 e-passports per hour. It will be increased to 50 thousand e-passports. Later it can be increased from 20 thousand per hour to even one lakh. Data centers related to e-passports will be set up in Delhi and Chennai. Such passports will also get rid of the problem of fake passports. The government has completed preparations for making e-passports.


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