PUBG Ban: is This Mobile Gaming App from China, Learn its 5 Alternative

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The government is eyeing more than 250 apps, including the popular gaming app PUBG.

The Indian government has banned 47 more applications from China. Earlier, 59 apps from China have been banned. Not only this, the government’s eyes are on more than 250 such apps, including popular gaming app PUBG.

There is a preparation to ban them further. There has been a lot of dilemma about the introduction of PUBG Mobile. The PUBG game was created by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korea video game company Bluehole.

Although its mobile version has not been developed by this company. The mobile version of PUBG is made by Tencent Games, a company based in Shenzhen, China. Tencent Games has a 1.5 percent stake in South Korean company Bluehole.

When PUBG Mobile is banned, many similar gaming apps are available in its option. Let’s know about 5 such apps.


This app is similar to PUBG in sports. The game’s structure resembles that of PUBG, in which 100 players fight each other and the last person becomes the winner. Together, players also have to prepare a strategy for the game.

Call of duty

This game is 10 years old. Like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, 100 players descend on the field with guns and tenants. Graphics are excellent.

Battlelands royale

Like other battle games, it is similar in terms of size to the fighting arena. In this, 32 players go to the field and compete for three to five minutes. The game is more aggressive than PUBG Mobile.

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Garena free fire

It is somewhat similar to PUBG mobile but it also has something different in the game. Some of the difficulties present in the game make it fun.

Knives out

This is a live action game. In this, 100 players get into the field and they start fighting as soon as they touch the ground. Gameplay is very similar to PUBG Mobile. But in a few minutes, it gets faster and sometimes it becomes difficult to track. The reason for this may be small maps and more bodies.


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