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Student ID Card-

A student ID card is more commonly known as a student card or campus card. It is an identification document certifying the status of a student. Student ID card are usually valid for one year/semester (possibly two/three/all), and must be renewed or extended after that.


The student ID card is the official school, college, university and community college campus card. The student ID card program supports the mission and vision of the school, college,  university (or community college) by enhancing the overall college experience through access to a variety of services”. The student ID card is “available for individuals on campus who need access to services via a card”, allowing it to “provide access to such amenities as borrowing books at the school, college, university library, attending school, college, university events,” and more.  In some countries the student ID card works as an official identification document. The student ID card is also accepted as secondary identification by the State/ Central Govt. for a various applications. In other countries, the student ID card turn valid only in conjunction with an official photo ID such as a passport or a driver’s license.


The functions of the student ID card, in addition to data storage for the student’s identification, vary by school, college, university. Some examples of additional student ID card functions are:

Building access (Lecture Halls, IT-rooms, Dorms, Lockers, Sports facilities, Libraries, Cafeterias etc.)

Equipment access (Computers, Copy machines etc.)

Transportation access (Ticket for public transport, Parking permit, Car sharing or Bike rental functions etc.)

Time and attendance control

Exam registration

Student ID card with multiple functions can help simplify internal administrative processes

Advantages of a student ID card in India

There are a number of benefits. Discounts at restaurants and clubs being one of them. But the most important of all, your school/college/university identity card carries a legacy of your school/college/university .If your school/college/university has a great impression in public, you automatically get that bit of respect, even if you are just a new admittant. Especially in that very city, whenever you take the name of your school/college/university, people turn their heads.


Besides, your student id card can be a valid document in many paper works. Now, since most of us have Aadhaar cards, paper works have become really less cumbersome, but earlier the student id cards used to be a significant piece of paper in any govt. office.


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