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The UDID project initiated by Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities aims at building a holistic end-to-end integrated system for Issuance of Universal ID & Disability Certificates for Person with Disabilities with their identification and disability details. It includes –

  • Online availability of data of Person with Disabilities across country through a centralized web application
  • Online filing and submission of registration application form for disability certificate/ Universal ID card; Offline applications may also be accepted and subsequently digitized by agencies
  • Quick Assessment process for calculating the percentage of disability by the hospitals/ Medical Board
  • Non-duplication of PwDs data
  • Online renewal and update of information by Person with Disabilities/ on their behalf
  • MIS reporting framework
  • Effective management including interoperability of the benefits / schemes launched by the Government for PwD
  • To take care of additional disabilities in future. Number of disabilities at the moment is seven and shall be subject to increase as per the new Act/ notification which can be up to 19 or more.

Unique Disability ID (UDID) Card has a number of benefits for the government as well as the persons with disabilities. This new card will solve many problems and will make disability data management much more accurate and efficient.

Unique Disability ID Card (UDID Card) is being issued to all the disabled persons. This card comes with a number of benefits. Today, we will discuss these advantages in detail.

Benefits Attached to the Unique Disability ID Card (UDID Card)

  1. Application for UDID card can be submitted online. So, it will make life easier for PWDs.
  2. The UDID Card holder will no longer need to carry lengthy documents as proof of her disability. UDID Card will be acceptable everywhere to prove one’s disability condition.
  3. “At present the disability certificates of one state are not recognized in the other. The universal cards would help the differently-abled tide over these problems that they face at railway counters or even to avail any benefit at educational institutions. The card would have a unique number which if fed on the website would help an authority access all details.”, said Shri Awanish Kumar Awasthi, Joint Secretary (DePwD).
  4. The card will be of standard credit card size. It will easily fit in one’s wallet.
  5. UDID Card will have all the relevant details related with the person and her disability. This information can be easily read with a card reader device.
  6. Real time data about the disabled persons will be available to the government to act upon.
  7. Disability related data will not get duplicated as the computer system can ensure uniqueness of all the data related with disabled individuals.
  8. System can be easily upgraded if more disability conditions get recognized by the government.
  9. It would be easy to identify the extent of person’s disability. A person with less than 40% disability would have a card with a white stripe, 40 to 80% would have a card with yellow stripe and above 80% card with a blue stripe.
  10. UDID Card will help government to track a number of aspects. For example:
    1. Whether benefits of welfare schemes are reaching to the disabled persons.
    2. How the beneficiaries are getting benefited.
    3. If schemes are contributing to the progress of UDID card holders etc.


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