WhatsApp Tricks: Here’s how to read deleted WhatsApp messages



We’ve all had that experience where someone sends you a WhatsApp message, and by the time you view it, it’s been wiped from their end — owing to the Delete For Everyone feature.

WhatsApp keeps showing the deleted message notification, but you can’t see what the message was because it’s not visible in the app. If this gives you the creeps, we’ll teach you how to read deleted WhatsApp messages and catch the sender off guard.

On Android, a hack is accessible in the form of third-party software downloads. iPhone users, on the other hand, should be cautious and rely on their notifications to read WhatsApp deleted messages.

How to read deleted WhatsApp messages on Android

The procedure is simple. All you need is access to the Google Play Store and a stable internet connection.

-Search for “WhatsApp deleted Messages” on Google Play.

-A selection of apps that claim to maintain a copy of erased messages will appear.

– We tried WAMR, WhatsRemoved+, and a few more, and they all worked as expected.

– Download the app and grant it all of the rights that Android requires.

– All such messages that have been marked as “Delete for Everyone” will be stored within the app. Some of these programmes even have the ability to save media files.

How to read WhatsApp deleted messages on iPhones

Unfortunately, iOS does not enable apps for recovering deleted texts to flourish on the App Store. However, there is a sneaky technique to see the WhatsApp erased messages on iOS.

-It all has to do with alerts. You must exercise extreme caution when dealing with it.

– WhatsApp’s deleted messages are still visible in the Notifications Center. Long-press on the material to make it easier to read.

-You won’t be able to access the deleted WhatsApp messages once you open the notice or the app. As a result, if you suspect someone of regularly deleting messages, try to grab a look of their messages first via the notification.


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