Working from Home: 10 Mistakes on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter that may Land You in Trouble

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Majority of the workforce in India is now working from home due the nationwide lockdown to fight the spread of coronavirus disease. As people get used to working from home, it is important to not forget that your work life demands the same discipline irrespective of whether you work from your office building or home. You may easily get distracted and the casual setting of your home may make you spend more time on social media while working. While spending some time on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter may be fine during your work hours at home, these are the 10 mistakes you must avoid…

1- Never share photos of your workstation at home publicly on Facebook, Twitter posts and on WhatsApp status

Sharing photos of your home workstation on social media may create serious problems as most employers have strict policies against publicly revealing photos of office work or systems. Also, you could mistakenly reveal important information that is there on your laptop screen in the photo that you have shared online.

2- Avoid revealing any details regarding your work or work from home policy on Facebook, Twitter

When chatting or commenting on social media, refrain from discussing work or posting work-related jokes and comments. These may not be appreciated.

3- Stay away from posting office gossips or pep talks on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp groups

It is a good idea to keep office gossip private and limited to some colleagues. Making them public may attract unwanted attention.

4- Be very careful while sharing your opinion or ranting on Facebook, Twitter

It is very easy to identify your employer from your social media accounts. Be very mindful about the words you choose to express yourself on Facebook and Twitter. Posting something that is vulgar or abusive may land you in trouble.

5- Don’t create fake news or forward them mindlessly on your WhatsApp groups

Sharing any kind of fake news or rumours may land you in serious trouble and you may even get arrested.

6- Never reveal your company’s policy, emails from HR or other official information on social media

7- Never criticise your boss or company policy or a colleague publicly on social media

Criticising any colleague, boss or your company’s policy on social media may land you in trouble.

8- Stay away from trolling or abusing someone on Facebook, Twitter

9- Don’t use personal social media account on the same internet browser while working

If you are a social media manager, then the worst mistake you can do is to use your personal accounts at the same time while working. There are a lot of instances where social media managers have mistakenly liked or commented on something from the official company handle causing much embarrassment both for the brand as well as for themselves.

10- Don’t share unverified videos of COVID-19 patients, violence, etc on Facebook, Twitter to incite panic


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